Is it Time to Renovate the House?

House renovation is a serious decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are after all, time consuming, fairly costly and generally a pretty messy affair, though there are significant benefits, if you can face the challenge. Renovating your home is going to add value to the property, but the question is, how much to do and how far to go. Part of the decision may come from whether you are renovating because you think it is a good idea, or if it is essentially being forced upon you, from a potential safety hazard such as electrical problems, a broken roof, or problems with the buildings foundations.

The Benefits of a Renovation

Regardless of whether you are renovating from choice or not, one of the key considerations should be your level of subsequent comfort and enjoyment of the property. It may be tempting to think of features that might help to improve the property resale value, but remember, this is where you will probably live at least for a few years, so functionality should really take precedence. A renovation might also be a good time to consider an extension, especially if things are a little bit cramped inside, so as to provide space for a home office or playroom for the kids. An outdoor patio can provide great opportunities for relaxing or throwing a party. Renovating gives you the opportunity to become much more energy efficient, through insulation and modern energy saving appliances, which will save you money on the utility bills immediately.

When to Renovate

As most home renovation builders in Sydney will tell you, from the weather perspective winter is probably best spent in planning for what is coming, rather than actually doing the work, unless everything being renovated is inside. From the practical perspective, renovating is a very good idea if you are planning to sell the property in the near future, in which case you should focus on any cosmetic issues, look for value add upgrades and stick to relatively neutral colours. Style is an issue that prompts many to renovate, as many old houses tend to have a bit of a dreary look to them, which can be dramatically changed with some modern, stylish and sophisticated looks. The next main reason for renovating is to create additional space, as maybe the kids are getting older and want their own room, or that the house simply isn’t functional the way it is currently laid out.

How to Renovate

Possibly the hardest part about taking a building and completely renovating it is where to start? Most people have a fair idea of what they want, but getting the exact layout right and being able to visualize the finished product can be very difficult. This is a good time to take advantage of a few free consultations from experts in your area. Ask to see a portfolio of the projects they have worked on, so that you can see the before and after pictures, to see if you can find inspiration.

It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of working with a reliable and experienced building company, to ensure your dream does not become a nightmare.