Here’s Why a Timber Floor Is a Classic Look for Your Home

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or you are wanting to renovate, making a decision about what to do with the floors is crucial to the way that the home feels and looks. Many people continue to choose carpets, but the fact is that classic hardwood timber flooring has come back into vogue in a really big way.

Have You Uncovered A Treasure?

Sometimes, those classic hardwood timber floors are right underneath your feet, and you don’t even know it. A previous homeowner might have decided to cover up their wooden floors with carpet that was fashionable at the time. After years of being covered up, you might finally have uncovered a wooden floor.

It’s likely that it has seen better days, though. The varnished surface may have long faded and become scratched, dinged, and dented up. This can leave the surface looking old, worn, and tired. The good news is that just beneath this layer, a brand new wooden floor awaits.

Making That Old Floor Great Again

If you have just uncovered an old timber floor in part of your home, and you want to make it look great again, a company specialising in timber floors in Perth can help. They can actually take off the surface layers of the wood, leaving a surface that is ready to be primed and varnished. This will restore that natural look and grain of the wood, leaving you with a treasure.

If you remain unconvinced, here’s why restoring an old timber floor or having a new one installed is a great idea for your home:

  • Elegance: Wooden floors create a classic and timeless look that is organic and attractive. It is a classic and elegant look that really adds to the atmosphere of any home.
  • Durability: The varnishes used on timber floors these days are actually very strong and durable. Apart from this, any timber floor is going to be far more durable and long-lasting than carpet or even vinyl tiling.
  • Maintenance: Vacuuming a carpet doesn’t get rid of all of the dirt and grime built up in the deep fibres. If you have ever wanted an easy clean up solution for drink spills and mud stains, a hardwood timber floor is definitely the best solution.

Timber Floor: The Long Term Solution

The other really great thing about timber flooring is that even when the surface becomes scuffed up, dented, and scratched after many years, it is a simple matter of calling in the experts again and having it resurfaced. Just imagine that: a new timber floor made from an old one.

Timber floors are a classic look for any home. They are inviting, easy to clean, durable, and simply elegant. They will add to the look and feel of any home. If you have discovered a timber floor underneath your ratty old carpet, why not call the experts in to assess it and make it look great again?